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  1. Fishing Huts for Rent

  2. Your Fishing Hut

  3. Equipment for Rent

  4. Hole Drilling

  5. Heated Toilets

  6. Lunch Time

I - Fishing Huts for Rent

When you come to visit us, you can rent fishing huts on ice for a day.  These huts are built for 3 to 11 persons so for a family or a little group.  We have also bigger houses to receive between 12 to 40 persons for organized groups or tournaments.

In the case of larger groups, we can join many large huts at the same place and receive up to 100 people in the mean time.

These fishing huts may be rented for a day, for the complete season and even for the week-end in the case of the
PACKAGE WEEK-END with SUNSET Photo d'un groupe à la pêche

Layout for a group of 100 people.

 An other hut for 18 people can be bridged to install the traitor in the case of a

Photo of a stove in one of our fishing huts

Some stoves may vary from picture

All our fishing huts are heated with customized wood stove to provide to you the comfort you need and so enjoy to stay with us.

II - Your Fishing Hut

You can also install your own fishing hut for a day or the entire season.

We may also keep your hut during the summer.  In that case, we make the installation on the ice and the recovery at the end of the season.


Photo of a private hut installed for the season.

III - Equipment for rent

For the beginners, we offer the possibility to rent the accessories like tip-ups (bunch of 10), scoops, nets and buckets required for fishing on ice.

We sell minnows of different sizes as small medium and big.  Minnows are sold by dozen and available in the office at the gate.

IV - Hole Drilling

If you don't want to do it yourself, we can drill the holes for you with our power auger within the hours of opening.  Any time during the day, you just go at the gate and ask for it.  This service is really appreciated when it's cold or if the ice is very thick.

An employee of the Center drilling holes

V - Heated Toilets

Since the winter of 2003, the Center has still innovated with his new heated toilets for your better comfortWe make it a point to keep clean this place and we ask the cooperation of the customer for this purpose.

Photo of our new heated toilets.

VI - Lunch Time

 You want to lunch, but you really don't want to prepare it before going.  So you can order for deliver directly on the ice.  Two Restaurants in the village deliver to our Center.  Their menu is vary large.  There are the coordinates:

Resto Pizzeria Rigaud 450 451 2020

Resto L'Étoile de Rigaud 450 451 0841 

If you need help, come and get information at the Office.

370 Grande-Ligne, Rigaud,
 Quebec  J0P 1P0
Tel. Center: (514) 975-7962

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