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  1. Escape at large to walleye

  2. Package week-end with sunset

  3. Heater rental

This year again, the Fishing Centre La Madeleine innovate for another time offering to you more service to answer to your needs for a great ice fishing day.

- Escape at Large to Walleye

Abri mobile pour 3 personnes

Since January 2010, we offer to you the possibility to rent for a day a mobile shelter and go for fishing walleye outside of the site in the middle of the river.  In the cost of the renting, is included the transportation both ways to your spot by Quad for 3 people maximum.  You have the responsibility of erecting and dismantling the shelter at the beginning and the end of the day.

You may, if needed, rent the supplementary fishing equipment separately.

II - Package Week-End with Sunset

For security reasons, You must bring your own sleeping bags.

This package include the hut for 2 days and one night, the fishing during the complete week-end and 1 kit of tip-ups(10 tip-ups, the drilling, and 2 dozens of medium bates).  For 6 people you get 2 kits of tip-ups.

2 Fishing Huts available

Because these 2 fishing huts are located nearby each other, you may easily bridge them for a group of 9 persons.

Fishing hut for 2 or 3 people

Photo of the hut to sleep


Photo of the hut to sleep

Since January 2008, we offer the possibility to rent for a complete week-end, a huge fishing hut for  2 or 3 people maximum.

Fishing hut for 4 to 6 people

Since 2011 the Fishing Centre innovated adding a second fishing hut to increase the capacity for the week-end package.  This new hut can receive from 4 to 6 people for sleep.

Photo of the hut to sleep


Photo of the hut to sleep

Photo of the hut to sleep

To get more details on the cost of this package, you can look to or contact us by phone or by e-mail.

III - Heater Rental

Photo of the portable heaters

Since January 2003, we offer the possibility to rent at low cost a portable wood heater so you will have directly nearby your tip-ups a fireplace to heat your hands when you install the baits or when you roll-up the lines.

We can even supply a grill for your B.B.Q.

370 Grande-Ligne, Rigaud,
 Quebec  J0P 1P0
Tel. Center: (514) 975-7962

Pike of 15 pounds captured bu Sylvain