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Here is a simple way to prepare a delicious meat  like fish.  These recipes are so easy to prepare and without pretension.  These recipes were transmitted from generation to generation in the family and delivered to public for the first time. So, enjoy it because it's free.   We grouped the recipes in four great categories:

  1. The recipes of my mother:  Pauline Portelance

  2. The recipes of my wife:  Carole Marchand

  3. The recipes of the boss:  Robert Portelance

  4. The recipes of our friends:  The name of the person who gave it

These recipes were imagined for the local fishes because our ancestors did not buy so much fish,  instead they were catching themselves.

- The recipes of my mother

Fillets of perch roasted in frying-pan

  • Dip one by one the fillets in a scrambled egg.

  • Take them out and sprinkle with flour (to prevent sticking in the pan).

  • Cover the bottom of the frying-pan with vegetable oil.

  • Cook at medium (4 on a scale of 10) until the fillets be well done.

  • Salt and pepper at your taste.

  • Serve with little roasted potatoes:

  • Take some boiled potatoes that you let get cold, slice them and make them roast in the frying-pan on a little skin of butter or margarine.

  • Add a couple of drips of lemon juice to it just before taste.

Note 1:  If the fillets have been frozen, dry them on a towel.
Note 2:  You may also cook pike or walleye fillets in the same way.

"Croquettes" of pike

You really dislike the fish-bones of the pike and you have catch a lot  in your last fishing trip.  Here is the solution:

  • Mince the pike meat.

  • Add the white of an egg and one onion finely chopped.

  • Mix everything homogeneously.

  • Prepare the croquettes of fish of about 4 ounces each.

  • Cook in the frying-pan (don't wait you can play hockey with the pucks).

  • Salt and pepper at your taste.

You may serve them as hamburger  with tartar sauce and french-fries or in a plate with your favorite vegetables.

II - The recipes of my wife

Perch  in Chinese fondue

  • For the base of cooking, use a bouillon fondue sea food of mark "Canton" or equivalent.

  • Cook these fillets in the bouillon for a couple of minutes and taste it with dips easy to prepare:

  • Red sauce :  One part of tomato ketchup and one part of mayonnaise.

  • Yellow sauce:  One part of Dijon mustard and one part of mayonnaise.

  • Spicy sauce:  One part of HP sauce and one part of mayonnaise.

  • Serve with firms vegetables like broccoli, white-headed cabbage, mushroom.

Fillets of perch with bacon

  • Dip one by one the fillets in a scrambled egg.

  • Take them out and sprinkle with flour (to prevent sticking in the pan).

  • First half cook the bacon (to take out the surplus of fat).

  • Take out the bacon from the frying-pan to cut in pieces.

  • Cook again the bacon adding the perch fillets.

  • Salt and pepper to your taste (not too much salt, bacon contains already).

  • Add some fine herbs of your choice.

Note 1:  You may also cook walleye fillets in the same way.

III - The recipes of the boss

Pike complete on the grill

After you got the pike, roll it in newspaper three times.  It will take off the glue on the skin because you will leave it on.  Open the belly, take out the stuff and cut the head.   Also cut the fins.  Now put it in the freezer to use later or cook it immediately. 

  • Place the pike on a piece of aluminium paper (sufficiently large to wrap completely the fish).

  • Add onion rings, slices of crude potatoes, and other firm vegetables like carrots sliced, broccoli and celery bits.

  • Add some nuts of garlic butter.

  • Add spices like:  estragon, fennel, Provencal herbs, basil and rosemary.

  • Salt and pepper to your taste.

  • Close the bag correctly to prevent the spill.

  • Put it on the grill to medium  for 30 to 50 minutes and return the meat twice being sure it cooks equally on both sides.

  • Check if it's cooked by opening the bag and verify the meat and vegetables with a fork.

  • If it's ready, take it out of fire, and put it in a big plate.

  • Take off the skin gently and serve with a good glass of wine on the terrace and enjoy it with good friends.

IV - The recipes of our friends

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